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Exercise first became a big focus in my life in 2000. I was two stone overweight after having my two boys (in 93 and 95) and rapidly approaching a fat and frumpy middle age – something had to be done!

Through regular exercise and overhauling my eating habits, my body was transformed. I couldn’t believe the buzz I got after each workout – feeling strong, confident and full of energy. I wanted others to feel this good so decided to make fitness my new career.

I qualified as a Personal Trainer and Advanced Boxercise Instructor in 2005. I first became a Kettlebell Instructor in 2007 and in 2009 qualified as an IKFF CKT (Certified Kettlebell Trainer). I have continued to attend courses and workshops to keep me inspired and to offer exciting solutions for my clients (see Qualifications and Mentors).

My original motivation to exercise was to get back to my lean pre-pregnancy body. My ongoing motivation is to defy the aging process. I want to continue to be as active and full of energy as I was in my 20′s. I am certainly stronger now than I have ever been.

Another great motivator in my life has been competing in sport so that my training regime and nutrition plan has a focus and a purpose.

Proud mother and son

As part of my bid to regain my pre-pregnancy body I joined my sons’ karate club. I couldn’t believe the satisfaction that participating in a contact sport can give! My sensei (coach) was a huge inspiration passing on his passion and knowledge and along with the support of my fellow students my confidence soared. I rapidly progressed through the gradings, which included having to defend myself against up to four chaps attacking me from all angles! I also helped to train the junior students and gained great satisfaction in helping them to progress in the sport and to simply do things they didn’t think they were capable of. These experiences were the inspiration for my decision to become a fitness instructor.

I like to regularly challenge myself to try new things, leaving my comfort zone well behind, this is when I feel most alive! My next challenge was to compete in kettlebell sport.

My first experience of kettlebells back in 2007 was a revelation. Grabbing that handle and swinging that orb of iron gave me a feeling of power and coordinated athletic movement that I had not felt before. Also, they were such fun to lift! I knew my clients were going to love kettlebell training and I have been proved right!

As soon as I became aware there was a competitive side to kettlebell lifting I haven’t looked back! I have so far competed in 6 kettlebell competitions in England and Wales from October 2009. I use a 12kg bell for competitions (I only weigh 54kg). Just imagine powering a kettlebell overhead repeatedly for 10mins with only one hand change and without putting the bell down – this sport is not for everyone! The training is brutal but very rewarding physically and mentally. This has given me a new ongoing focus to maintaining my kick ass self!

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Early sporting endeavors rowing for my college at Oxford – that’s me at the back!

Early sporting endeavors rowing for my college at Oxford – that’s me at the back!

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