Fight the flab… lead with a jab!

Boxercise is one of the most effective forms of training. It keeps the heart pumping, burns loads of fat, works all the major muscle groups and massively improves co-ordination.

There is nothing like the feeling of hitting the pads – it makes you feel energised and works out any frustrations of the day. Even those who are initially reluctant end up with a big grin!

It knocks out stress and, best of all, its great fun!

I am an advanced Boxercise Instructor specializing in 1 on 1 padwork sessions. I can take you from the basics right through to advanced combinations that will challenge your co-ordination and others that get you moving as you punch. Boxercise padwork is also great to mix in with other types of training in fun circuits and relays.

Boxercise Masterclass 2012

I always attend the annual Boxercise Masterclass for registered instructors. This never fails to provide lots of good ideas and inspiration.

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Give it a go – I guarantee you’ll get hooked!

Give it a go – I guarantee you’ll get hooked!

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