Kettlebell Training

Kettlebells are often described as a cannonball with a handle and differ from traditional dumbbells in that the centre of mass is extended beyond the hand making them ideally suited for ballistic and swinging movements.

I have made kettlebells the focus of the training I offer my clients because they combine the benefits of resistance, cardio and mobility training. Your whole body is used simultaneously to move the weight preparing you for real life situations. Regular focussed kettlebell training develops a lean body that is strong, athletic and co-ordinated.

Kettlebells are ideal for high intensity circuit training which is the best exercise for fat loss since it keeps the metabolic furnace stoked.

Kettlebell training is for everyone, not just hard core types. I understand not everyone is excited when they first see a kettlebell like I was! However, with careful instruction of the correct technique all have come to enjoy using the bells, especially when they get such good results. You can always tell if a home has been visited by ‘Flying Kettlebells’ by the small collection of bells awaiting action by their proud owner!

Kettlebells are a flexible tool which can help any body type or fitness goal as long as the program is specific to that person and their goal. This is where having me as your personal trainer is so beneficial. Having your own tailored training sessions with me, and as your homework, means that not a moment of your efforts is wasted.

Kettlebells are an ideal training tool for the home being so portable, easily stored and requiring very little space to train. With just one or two bells and your own bodyweight I can design short intense kettlebell workouts that can easily fit into a busy lifestyle and be more effective than hours spent on traditional machines at the gym.

As well as being an integral part of personal training sessions I can arrange stand alone kettlebell workshops at both beginner and advanced levels.

I am an enthusiastic competitor in kettlebell (Girevoy) sport and I am available to guide anyone wishing to get started in this demanding sport.

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Flying kettlebell - end point of the swing

Flying kettlebell - end point of the swing

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