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I want my clients to be strong, lean and able to move efficiently so they are able to cope with everything they want to do in life.

My favorite sessions involve a killer combination of kettlebells and boxing pad work. A popular kettlebell circuit is the “The Beast 666″ involving 6 different kettlebell exercises performed 6 times each side and then the whole sequence repeated 6 times. An accessible workout which can be scaled to all levels of ability and is progressive with a great sense of acheivement once a client completes the full 6 rounds. I have been told by clients that I am very creative with my circuit combinations which helps keep up the fun and motivation! I also like to mix in other training tools e.g. bodyweight exercises, medicine balls, stability balls, even sledgehammers! in fun and demanding combinations. I will bring everything needed for the session to your home.

I expect my clients to work hard – there will always be lots of effort and sweat but also lots of fun. I have worked with a variety of clients, from teenagers to pregnant ladies to men twice my size and all have achieved significant results.

A fundamental part of any transformation is nutrition, not just for weight loss. I can advise on your eating and other aspects of your daily living so that you get the most out of the hard work put into your regular exercise sessions. My approach is very much focussed on you as an individual – it might involve keeping a food diary and then making some gradual changes or it can be more prescriptive with a set eating plan or just some advise on specific areas. One of the great benefits of comitting to regular exercise is that you won’t want to undo all your good work by eating rubbish!

Before making any commitment I offer a free consultation. I provide each client with a unique personal training solution depending on his or her goals, initial fitness level, natural abilities, exercise history, and individual preferences.

There will be loads of variety to maintain your interest and keep up the motivation. Over time the intensity of your sessions will be carefully progressed to ensure your body is continually challenged and your fitness keeps improving.

The frequency of your training sessions will be influenced by your goals, your budget, and your own motivation. I recommend at least once per week, especially in the early stages, to keep up the momentum and motivation. The key is to exercise regularly in addition to your Personal Training sessions. I focus on giving my clients the skills and confidence to train independently with the help of regularly updated ‘homework’ sessions. This ensures excellent continuing progress towards your goals and beyond.


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Nicky's favourite training tool!

Nicky's favourite training tool!

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