Qualifications and Mentors

I have attended many certifications and workshops over the years and am always open to new ideas. The way I train my clients (and myself) has evolved from selecting what feels right to me and most importantly produces results for my clients and myself. A combination of my gut instinct and ‘tried and tested’ has served me well. There are also occasions when I will include a type of training purely because it is great fun!

Here are the Highlights:

ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) HFI (UK) Fitness Instructor Certification

Boxercise and Kick Boxercise Instructor.
Holmes Place Academy – Personal Trainer Certification

Boxercise Personal Trainer and Advanced Instructor

London Kettlebells – Kettlebell Skills Masterclass with Stephen Aish
BodyCHEK – Understanding the Core with Leigh Brandon.

London Kettlebells – Kettlebell Skills Masterclass refresher with Stephen Aish and CJ Swaby

IKFF International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation – CKT Certified Kettlebell Trainer with Steve Cotter

Indian Clubs and Trigger Point Therapy Workshop with Jonathen Lewis and CJ Swaby
Mobility and Bodyweight Seminar with Steve Maxwell Boxercise for Kids Instructor.


Kettlebell weekend workshop with Mike Mahler
Shoulder Workshop with Andrew Bellamy and Jonathen Lewis

Kettlebell Workshop with Lauren Brooks RKC

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with Steve Cotter and the IKFF crew at Bodypower Expo 2010

with Steve Cotter and the IKFF crew at Bodypower Expo 2010

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