See what Personal Training with Flying Kettlebells has done for some of my clients and be inspired!

Health and Strength

With a pressurised work life, I was struggling to find time to exercise and had set myself a goal to feel fab at 50. With Jane's help I achieved this and benefitted from them so much I've continued. The sessions are fun and never the same, with variety each week. I feel so much stronger and healthier - Jane comes highly recommended from me!"
Jane's enthusiasm for her work is infectious and highly motivating. Every week is different; Jane is constantly encouraging. I am so much fitter than I was when we started working together and really enjoy our sessions. I have discovered strength and coordination I didn't know I had!

Weight Loss

Size ten for ten years. Size eight after six months of PT with Jane. Lost half stone of fat. Gained half stone of muscle. Tailored programmes, motivating and above all fun. I would thoroughly recommend to those who want to achieve quick results!
“In the 9 months I have been training with Jane I have dropped 3 dress sizes. I am now fitter, healthier and happier than I’ve ever been – a whole new me! ”
Thanks to Jane I am half a stone lighter and eating more. I feel fitter and no bingo wings. What more can you ask! Varied and interesting programs every week. Only problem is I don’t want to stop now!

Post Natal Weight Loss

Jane really helped me get back to my pre pregnancy weight. I'd never tried kettlebells before but they're really versatile and Jane keeps the workouts varied to keep your enthusiasm up.


Personal training with Jane was great! Having had a serious knee injury, I was worried that PT may be too intensive, but Jane tailored the sessions to fit around the injury and to strengthen the areas around the knee to compensate. Jane was also very versatile in developing a program for me and ensured that the exercises suited my requirements (and, sometimes, even the mood I was in that day!). My overall fitness improved tremendously during the sessions, as did my weight loss. Above all, my sessions with Jane, although always challenging, were also fun and rewarding and I have felt long term benefits from them.
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